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  • John Wayne

    BeeSting Tattoo (Belle River, ON)

    This power unit delivers nothing but 100 percent quality current. Extremely reliable and easy to use, beautifully designed and sexy as fuck! If the ES300 had tits I would propose to it tomorrow.

    I love that the constant/momentary options for the foot pedal are so easy to change on the fly by just pressing the knob for a couple of seconds. The only potential downside I see, is not displaying the meter numbers, but that's not what this unit was designed for anyways. As far as I am concerned it's your best power unit to date, great for the studio and especially for travel.

    It'll be hard to keep these in stock as I am sure every artist will be looking to add an ES300 to their arsenal. Great job guys!

  • Justin Mariani

    Human Canvas Tattoo (Cody, WY)

    I love the new smaller ES300 power supply. Upon opening the package my first thought was, it's so small I could basically carry it in my pocket anywhere I want to go. This is great for traveling to conventions or my next guest spot since it doesn't take up too much room in my travel case.

    The simplicity of the ES300 design is awesome, I just plugged it in and started tattooing. I found it very easy to adjust the voltage output with the turn dial even without the voltage displayed on a screen. The sleep mode that shuts off the power supply after 15 minutes is a great feature too; once it's asleep, just a simple push of the foot pedal wakes it up and I'm back to working with the same setting that I last used. The unit takes up hardly any room on my work space and is easy to clean as well.

    Overall I have used Eikon power for the past 5 years and wouldn't use anything else to run my machines. They continue to find new ways to produce the best power supply out there hands down!

  • Richard Andrews

    Perfect Image Studio (Banff, AB)

    Okay kids. If you know me, you know I'm a pretty picky guy, but this is it! Not only is the ES300 power supply small, compact and perfect for the traveling tattooer like me, but the power it gives is consistent and clean. The easy functionality makes it a breeze to use, and the sleep function is the tits!! In short, this is the power supply for me and should be for you too!

  • Cory Ferguson

    Good Point Tattoo (Oakville, ON)

    So I got a chance to try out the ES300 at the Calgary convention this year and I can't lie, this is gonna be my new power supply for travelling. Anyone who has worked a show with me knows I'm obsessed with reducing the size of my travel kit that I take to shows. In some circles the compactness of my convention set up has become the stuff of legends. At this point I really prefer to work with a metered power supply (even on the road) so I've been carrying around the bigger ones despite how much precious space they take up in my luggage. But now I can have the best of both worlds. The ES300 has everything I need; it's rotary compatible, with the maintain option for the footswitch, the voltage meter, and it takes up very little space. The maintain button is cleverly combined with the voltage dial which I thought was particularly sneaky and ninja-like. I'm definitely stoked to add this little guy to my arsenal.

  • Larry Brogan

    Tattoo City (Lockport, IL)

    At long last someone has built a small, portable, light weight power supply that can run traditional coil machines as well as rotary. Being a traveling tattooist myself, I have been on the lookout for a great travel size power supply that can run all my machines and provide the power required of them. This time Eikon has built a state of the art powerful piece of equipment with great features like a Maintained Foot Switch Mode that allows you to have a constant running machine without having to hold down your footswitch. It also has an oversized control knob for easy adjustment, a sticky foot base that keeps it securely mounted to your work space and an available accessory cordset that lets you use it worldwide.

    I have been using the Eikon ES300 at the shop and on the road and have been extremely pleased with its performance, cleanablity and overall futuristic appearance. I highly recommend it to any professional tattoo artist.